New Build $3000-$7000 Workstation


Trying to narrow down best choices for a Workstation.
After doing more research I think I'm getting closer to what I need.

Approximate Purchase Date: Early December, or even January 2013.

Budget Range: $3000 - $7000 (Don't think I want to spend more than 7k)

System Usage: Mainly for 3D and video editing.

-Compositing software (Nuke, After Effects etc)
-Adobe suite (Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop etc)
-3DS Max
-Real flow
-Autodesk Smoke

Are you buying a monitor: No

Parts to Upgrade: CPU, RAM, PSU, Video card, and casing.

Do you need to buy OS: Yes. Windows 7.

Location: Canada, Ontario.

Parts Preferences: I've always liked Asus, and Intel. (Mobo, CPU)

Overclocking: Maybe

SLI or Crossfire: SLI, for future use.

I'm looking for a mobo with 2 CPU slots (Xeon), I'd like a 6 core Xeon but if I can get an 8 core that would be great. Going for 1 CPU right now, to fit into budget.

I've been looking at HP Z800 workstations, but I believe I can built one myself for less...


Seem to be undecided here. Been looking at the Nvidia Quadro 6000, and I am not sure if the price justifies performance.
I read two lower end (gaming) cards in SLI can perform the same...
Does the Nvidia Quadro 6000 justify it's price? I just don't know if it's worth it.
On the Nvidia website they recommend certified systems for their video card. How important is that, or is it just a way to promote another company, or just the systems they tested their video cards in?
Deciding factor for me is in render times. The faster the job gets done, the more productive I can be.

All suggestions and advice welcome!

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  1. if you cant get the money back from the time saved, dont bother with the 6000

    anyways, the new k5000 is faster so why not?
  2. TheBigTroll said:
    if you cant get the money back from the time saved, dont bother with the 6000

    anyways, the new k5000 is faster so why not?

    Yeah I'd definitely second the K5000 - it's a new platform based on NVIDIA's excellent Keppler technology and uses less power at that.
  3. Interesting. The K5000 looks good, way more cores and higher clock speeds.
    Has less ram, but how much of a difference would that really make?
    What else makes the K5000 better than the Q6000?
    I guess it's still the same question... Does the price justify the performance for these Nvidia cards?
  4. from what nvidia said, its supposed to be 40% faster than the last gen stuff (which is the fermi quadros such as the quadro 6000)

    it uses less power as well. technically, the k5000 is a 680 4gb with different drivers
  5. I haven't seen the reviews of the new cards yet (and haven't tested them myself yet), but more applications are optimized for the older fermi architecture. I don't think the 6000 can justify its price with its performance either. I would go with the 5000 myself. I am in the middle of testing a 570GTX as its the best value for pro apps that I use. It only has 1.2GB of memory though, you may want more than that for the apps you run (I haven't used several of them). Some of those apps may have drivers especially written for them and that makes the pro cards much faster sometimes.
  6. bigshootr8 said:

    Wow, that is one expensive GPU. :ouch: :ouch: :ouch: :ouch: :ouch:
  7. well it does offer crossfire which nvidia cards cant do without a special motherboard from lenovo
  8. I don't know though if its worth it price wise to get it though I mean yes it wins in some areas but so does the nvidia counterpart maybe it would be good to wait for the k5000
  9. Great benchmark for the video cards!
    Does seem the Nvidia cards may not justify the cost...
    Makes sense about the older fermi architecture.

    How about mobo? (2 sockets, with upto 512 Ram) CPU?(6 or 8 core) Casing that the mobo will fit into...
  10. i generally know what to recommend for single CPU systems but not the best in the dual socket boards

    such as this board

    and this CPU

    for the motherboard im not too sure what to recommend. all the asus dual socket boards from what i hear have a lot of bugs
  11. bigshootr8 said:

    I reading some pretty rough reviews of that board. I don't have any personal experience with dual cpu boards, so I will let someone else chime in on that. If I had to recommend a board it would be single cpu and it would be this one It has everything you could ever want in a board (although I would get a separate sound card, I don't like Creative). Cpu would be this one You would need really good cooling for that cpu though (not as much as two cpus would be though).
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