good video cards with tv-out?

im looking for a new video card to go with a pc that im building. i want it to have tv-out and to be 64mb. i was looking at the geforce 2 mx400. don't know how good this card is. im looking to spend around $100-$150. any ideas as to what to get or if that card is any good? Thanks.
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  1. you can try this for 199
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    Video Cards ATI All-in-Wonder PRO 128 32MB AGP (Retail Box) w/TV Turner/ video/capture/32bit true color & software $ 104 $11.95 Fedex 3 Days 11/12/2001 11:04:29 PM CT
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  2. I would recommend the ATI Radeon 7500, it has a fairly stable driver record, can support two different resolutions (one for your monitor, the other for your TV) and can play games at above average performance. You can find it online between $154 and $200 I would only recommend the Radeon AIW if you plan on playing TV, and DVD movies on you machine (It has dolby digital output on it)

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