Are any of these used rigs worth buying?! HELP

Laptop decided to - how we say, kick the bucket? - this morning. On a bit of a limited budget, but do have around $600 - $700 to spend on a new set up. I do know computer specs fairly well, but I haven't had to worry about a new one in a pretty long time.

Currently comparing a few used rigs on Craigslist / Kiijiji, would love some advice on which (if any) of these are worth my money. (I realize how vague some of these details are, all the information was copied directly from the ads)

I have a monitor, keyboard, mouse and all those peripherals.
(Currently leaning towards #6)

Choice 1:
CPU: AMD 3870K Quad core (Running at 3.5ghz)
RAM: Gskill Sniper series 8gb
Motherboard: Asrock A55 Pro3 ATX
PSU: Rosewill Stallion 500w
Cooling: Arctic 7 CPU Cooler
Case: HAF 912 Computer Case
HD: 250gb Hard drive
Graphics: GSI HD6670 2gb video card

Choice 2:
AMD Quad core, 4 core black edition 3.60
320 GIGS WD Harddrive SATA
2GB Radeon 6850HD graphic card.
wireless network card

Choice 3:
4gigs ram
quad-core phemnon II (do believe its 2.8 or 3.0 GHz)(never been over clocked)
Nvidia 550Ti 1 gig ddr5 (never been over clocked)
500gig HD
(Will post mobo later)

New cool master docker case.
Razer deathadder
Razer lycosa
Razer Megalodon

Choice 4:
Windows 7 professional / 64-Bit operating system
AMD Phenom II x3 720 processor 2.80 GHz
DDR3 Ram 8 GB Patriot g2 series
NVIDIA GT520 graphics card
60gb SSD hard drive Agility 3
80gb hard drive
280gb hard drive
6 usb slots
Mini HDMI port
Digital temperature display

Choice 5:
Running windows 7 Pro
Coolmaster mid tower case
8gb kingston hyper X DDR3 Ram
Intel 2600K quad processor
3 terabyte seagate 7200rm HD (slave)
128gig Kingson SSD (master)
Asus ATI 7850 2gb videocard
4 120mm blue LED fans

Choice 6:
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit OS,
MSI Z77A-G41 Intel 7 Series Z77
SATA3 USB 3.0 ATX Motherboard
Intel i5-2500K Unlocked Quad Core Processor
CoolerMaster Hyper TX Series Aluminum 3 Heatpipe Cpu Cooling
8Gbs of Kingston HyperX ,2X4Gbs, DDR3 1600 MHz CL9 Intel XMP Ready memory
Seagate Barracuda (ST1000DM003) SATA3 6.0Gb/s 1TB 64MB Cache hard drive
ASUS GTX 560 Ti [ENGTX560 Ti DCII/2DI/1GD5] 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 Graphic Card.
750-Watt power supply
Rosewill Challenger mid ATX Gaming case

Links to each ad in order:





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  1. Option 5 and 6 are the only ones worth buying.

    Option 5 is the better purchase of the two.
  2. Agree with Azathoth, Choice 5 is a really good deal for only $600

    Edit: To elaborate a little, Choice 5's GPU and CPU are better than 6's and it has an SSD for less money.
  3. I would also go with choice 5. Well rounded rig for not a lot of money.
  4. Thanks guys! Replied as soon as I saw this.

    Dying without any sort of gaming set up. :\
  5. An experienced PC Builder would know the importance of having a quality power supply, yet only one advertised an exact model. I would definitely verify the power supply of any of these computers before purchase.

    ...and yes, I'd agree with the others that option 5 is the best.

    -Wolf sends
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