Asus GTX 670 & Gigabyte GT 240 as Dedicated Physx

Hello guys.
This is my first post in Tom's Hardware Forum.

I wanna ask. Can I combine 2 different brand graphic card?
One for normal use, one for dedicated Physx.

I got Asus GTX 670 Non-Top and a Gigabyte GT 240 DDR3.
That GT 240 no place to go after I bought GTX 670, so...

Any advice? If I use it for dedicated Physx?

Any problem with that? Two Different Brand?

P/S: Sorry for my bad English. English is not my native language.
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    the 670 is powerful enough you don't need a physx card. Putting one in will probably hurt performance.
  2. Do you mean. If I use GT 240 as Dedicated Physx, the performance reduced?
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