Adverse effects to high idle temperatures?

I recently purchased a Radeon HD 7950 and overclocked a little bit. Right now it's idling at 60 C with two monitors connected. It goes down to about 50 C when I turn off the second monitor, but it still seems like a high idle temperature. When playing games the highest I've seen it get is around 75-80 C.

I've also read the room temperature has an effect on the temperature. I live in California so my room is warm during the day, but even at night when it's cooler the card only goes down 2-3 C.

This is my first high end graphics card so I'm a bit worried. Will those idle temperatures drastically reduce the life span of the card?
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  1. 75-80C isnt that hot while gaming. California is hot.

    My 6950 reference card used to get up to 85C before I switched it out for a GTX460 (overheating problems with the hard drives and the card)

    Is there an issue or something?
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