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Looking for PCI Simple communications controller driver for windows 7 32 bits

Hi friends, let me share the following experience with you.
I installed AutoCad 2012 in my Dell XPS 15 Laptop (Windows 7 64-bits), but it kept giving me problems with continuous crashes. I decided to format my system by performing a clean installation of Windows 7 32-bits (it is the configuration I have been working with in two other computers without those problems). To accomplish it I was able to get most of the drivers I needed for the new configuration. But there are several problems I could not get solved so far: one has to do with the title of this message. I went to Dell site but I could not find and download any driver for the PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1C3A&CC_0780 that Windows tells I need. And the other problem is that I cannot install the driver for my NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M because whenever I try to do it, the installer stops installation of the driver and shows a message telling me that there is an Intel component missing that I have to install prior to attempt installing the NVIDIA thing. Well, I do not know what else to do, so does anybody of you guys can give me a hand, please? I will appreciate it very much... Thanks in advance!!! JB
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  1. Simple communications driver isn´t that a modem-driver - and why install win 7 32 bit when the notebook is made with win 7 64 bit - that might be the problem actually - and if your notebook is carrying more that 4 gb ram it won´t be reconized :)
  2. all the driver available are for win 7 x 64
  3. It sounds like you are missing the main chipset driver which should be at the laptop's driver site.

    You have to install only the drivers for your laptop AND the exact version of Windows (i.e. Windows 7 64bit).

    The main drivers you are looking for at the site are:
    1) main chipset driver (install first after Windows)
    2) network driver
    3) graphics driver

    DELL also has software that can automatically manager your laptop including updating your drivers and running diagnostics.

    *Are you installing the proper DELL Windows disc for that laptop? You have to. If you didn't destroy your hidden partition with the backup Image on you could simply boot and press F10 (or whatever) to start the RESTORE IMAGE option.

    **When you get this sorted out, make sure to make a backup IMAGE to an external hard drive so you can easily restore in the future.
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    Update a driver for hardware that isn't working properly
    They mention the automatic and manual methods for updating drivers. Check out the short video.
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