Is a GTX 680 good enough to play games like Battlefield 3 at 60fps

I'm looking into buying all my hardware to make a computer that is able to play high-end games like Battlefield at at least 60 fps, on a 2560 x 1600 display, on the highest graphics settings (ultra)

The important specs of my soon-to-be-pc are as follows:

Gtx 680 2Gb

i7 3770k @ 3.5 ghz

16Gb RAM

And I don't really think anything else really effects game performance...

What do you think?
Will I be fine in playing higher end games on a 2560 x 1600 display on Ultra graphics settings on this computer?

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    With a gtx 680 at 25600x1600 bf3 at ultra 60+ fps Prolly not..
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  3. for that res a HD 7970 GHz would be better than a GTX 680 and cost less ?
  4. You most certain could get to 60+ fps with that monitor and a 680, just not with maxed settings.
  5. get another dual gtx 680, that will easily max out bf3 with 60 fps, it will also allow you to do the same with bf4 and other upcoming games,
  6. Again.. If you arent a Nvidia fanboy buy a HD 7970 ghz. Its on low cost and beats the 680.
    But i you are sure buying a nvidia. Why buy a 680 when you can by the new 770? Its better, its cheaper.
  7. 7970 ghz is a good choice, the extra vram makes a difference, and it works more efficiently at higher resolutions than the nvidia competitors
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