Win7 recognizing my display as Generic-non PnP

So, Windows 7 can't identify the manufacturer, or anything, so I don't have access to the display software that allows me to adjust anything. I changed the Res to 1920x1080, and now all of my screen isn't even being used. It said that native was 800x600. I downloaded the graphics card drivers, restarted and nothing changed. This is the new GTX 660 (non-Ti), by the way.
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  1. Look around the monitor for the model number. Google the model number example, Hp 2511x driver. Download the driver and run it. Somtimes windows 7 will bring up a screen that trys to tell you the driver is not right push install anyway.
  2. So I had the same problem with on of my monitors, im running eyefinity 6 (go figure all the monitors but one are fine) so after an hour of trouble shootng and trying different things i finally found the solution. Go into device manager and uninstall the non-pnp monitor by right clicking it. Then just detach the able fromt he card and wait 5 seconds and reattach the cable, Finnaly stop Pulling you hair out;) Hope this works for ya.
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