About NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti

hi.. im new here i'd like to ask about my NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti...

does power supply affects the performance of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti?
i think my new GPU is the same performance w/ my last GPU (nvidia GT440)
or is there bottleneck in my CPU

here's my PC specs

sorry if i have a poor grammars... =)
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  1. The power supply will not change how fast it is at all. And the 550 is twice as fast as the 440 almost. You are talking 96 cores vs 192 thats a big jump.

  2. but why when im playing games w/ browser open im having a lag graphics...while im using GT440 its the same....
  3. I have the EVGA 550ti 2GB VRAM edition with an overclock of 1GHz(core clock) and 2GHz(shader clock), it's does phenomaly well, I run two monitors so I can play fullscreen on one monitor(1680x1050) and on my second monitor I surf the web, watch movies, skype chat, YouTube, and watch livestreams on Twitch.tv

    Now, can you download a program called "MSI Afterburner" and when you launch a game, have the program opened and see what your core clock jumps to when having a 3D application opened.

    I see that you have the 1GB of VRAM version, now your core clock should jump to 900MHz or 951MHz, if it doesn't and only goes to ~400MHz or anything below the advertised clocks then your GPU might be underclocking either by a bug in the drivers(should have the latest 306.23 WHQL) or it's underclocking because of heat(which your current heat temp is 57C by the picture provided).

    MSI Afterburner download: http://event.msi.com/vga/afterburner/download.htm
  4. thx sir echondo...i'll try it now....

    BTW my driver is updated to 306.23
  5. i already tested the MSI afterburn and it jump to 900MHz
    but why im having a delay/lag when im playing games..i.e. NBA 2k12 =(

    here's the screenshot...

  6. If the 440 gives you the same performance as the 550ti, then you are probably experiencing a cpu bottleneck.

    From my own experience I had a Radeon HD 3850. That card was hold back by my old AMD X2 at 2.8ghz. That 550ti should have about 3 times the raw preformance of that HD 3850.

    I only see 2 options, overclocking of the cpu or upgrading of that cpu.
  7. uhmm...i think thats my problem...

    wat can u suggest cpu that will not bottleneck my GPU?
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