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Hello folks,
I am trying to help my dad with a triple monitor set-up for his flight sim (flight sim x) and have run into a problem.
The displays come on but the same image is on all 3 screens but not extended across them (stretched).
am new to anything involving multi-monitors so any help would be much appreciated.

The hardware he has is:

HIS AMD 6870 graphics card

AMD XL mini-display port

WIN 7 home premium

He also has a matrox triple head but he couldn't get it to work and someone told him to just get the display port and connect monitors to graphics card and forget the matrox triple head.

The problem he had with the triple head was flight sim kept giving him resolution error messages.

TY for any help in advance,Tom
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    Do you have the latest version of CCC? How is the 3rd monitor connected? via displayport or via dp adapter? If adapter, is it active or passive? Have you set an eyefinity group in CCC? Are all monitors the same native resolution? and set accordingly? Also, this sticky by HugoStiglitz on eyefinity set up is well worth reading if you haven't already seen it. >>
    Good luck.
  2. The link really does help a lot.
    My dad lives a hour away so i am just getting some info together before I go down tommorow.
    I will leave this open till after I see if I can get him up and running.
    Thanks for the help,Tom
  3. Got monitors all working but now I nned to find the WS patch for flight sim x if they make one.
  4. gatonius said:
    Got monitors all working but now I nned to find the WS patch for flight sim x if they make one.

    Excellent, pleased we could help. With regards to the patch the guys at widescreengaming may have it. They have a number of patches, tweaks, and mods for WSG and can be found here >>

    Good luck.
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