Need help SSD+HDD problem

Hey guys i need some help nothing major but annoying.

I installed Win7 with only the SSD inside(heard that when you install with HDD inside it makes the start up slower) and it works just with the SSD inside when it boots now.

when i try to boot up with the SSD and HDD inside it won't up all the way and just freeze to a black screen. If i start up with only the SSD then plug the HDD after it is all loaded it will work but that is very annoying when i restart it every time.
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  1. Please list mtherboard make, model, and revision number, and which sata port the ssd is connected to, and which port the HHD is connected to.
  2. Z77x ud5h from gigabyte using F14 bios revision 1.0

    SSD is connected to the 6GB sata port and the HDD is connected to the one on top(or bottom) of it
  3. The white connectors, 0 port is on the bottom and 1 is on the top.
  4. It is connected to the first 2 ports and i believe it is black.
  5. Do you have a Windows install on the HDD? If so PC might be confused as to which drive to boot from. I have an SSD and HDD in my PC now, boots fine unless I have my Windows 8 HDD connected via the hard drive bay and then it will do exactly what you are describing.
  6. i have reformated and repartitioned the HDD so nothing is on it and it still doesnt work
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    The first two port5 (top) are GSTATA 7/6 (SATA III) - Do not use for SSDs, OK for HDD
    Next two are Intel Sata 1/0 (SATA III) - Use for SSDs
    Bottom 4 are Intel Sata 3/2 & 5/4) (SATA II) - Use for HDDs and Dlu-ray/DVD-RW drives.

    Use the marvel ports only if needed, Not recommended for SSDs as Intel driver is much better.
    HDD. Sata III HDDs are more a marketing tool as the Perform amost identically on Sata II port. The ONLY benifit of placing a sata III HDD on a SATA III port is the Very short Burst speed. Waste of a good Intel sata III port. OK to put Sata III HDD on Marvel GSATA port.

    Added, If using the marvel Ports, make sure they are enabled in BIOS, Not used disable them.
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  9. Thanks that helped so much i am even getting better performance than earlier!.

    300 read now it is 500

    240 write now it is 400

    32k IOPS random read now it is 78k

    28k IOPS random write now it is 38k

    and it shows a significant boost in boot ups now with no lag when i click on multi things
  10. Glad I could help,
    Take care and Enjoy.
  11. Gee I hear an echo!
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