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I have a XFX 7870 Double D card with dual dvi dual display ports and hdmi port. I have 2 dvi monitors however for some reason only the top dvi port works. I confirmed this by plugging in both monitors and only 1 turning on. and plugging in 1 monitor by switching the slots. Meaning only the top dvi one is working. faulty card or anybody else have any ideas?
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  1. ther r many diff type of dvi slot..normally in all latest graphic card one will be DVI A and other will be DVI I or DVI D...
    one will for analogue signal like VGA and other will be for Digital signal like HDMI...
    so what u have to do is if u want to use ur both dvi port then identify which one is dvi and which one is dvi i/or dvi d...and connect one with dvi to vga adapter in vga slot and other in dvi slot..
    u can do this by very keenly examining both dvi port on ur graphic card
    here is the link which will help u in understanding....


    hope it will help u .....
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