HP Compaq USDT - HDMI Graphics Card Recommendations

Hi All,

I'm about to attempt to build a low budget media center. I've got my eye on a HP Compaq Ultra-Slim Desktop pc which looks a small build to go nicely on the tv stand shelf.


Power Supply

190W power supply – Active PFC

Processor and Speed*

Intel Pentium 4 620 Processor (2.8-GHz, 2-MB L2 cache, 800-MHz FSB)

PCI slots

Optional with riser card:
1 full-height (4.2"), length (6.6")

The advice im after is :-

1. As the computer only comes with a 190 watt custom PSU and cant really be replaced because of its custom shape, what budget graphics card would you recommend with an hdmi out?

2. As the graphics card will have to be mounted in a riser, and the offical risers are expensive. Can I just use a PCI Extender cable instead? If so, which 1 would I need with the recommended Graphics card.

Thanks in advance, I have been trying to research this all but i can only seem find info from a few years ago.

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  1. http://www.xpcpro.com/gainward-gf-gt-630-1gb-ddr3-pci-e-vga.html

    Now for the riser/ PCIe cable: The riser card would also support the card in place i think. You would have to secure the card somewhere with something more than just the screw if you'll use a flexible cable.
  2. Thanks UT,

    I was thinking that about the riser but im sure i'll find a way to secure it.

    Just browsing, would this ok?


    It would be the low-profile?

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