Radeon HD 4850 Toxic idle temp high

Hello everyone,
I have two Radeon Hd 4850 graphic cards running in crossfire in my computer. I recently overclocked the processor to get some added power when i play Borderlands 2. I downloaded speedfan to monitor the temps of my processor and other components. It seems like my processor is at a good temp, but i noticed that my master graphics card is running hotter than what people have recorded in reviews of it.

- I was just wondering if this is a normal temp for my card and if so, what would you recommend to cool my card.

Master: sapphire Radeon HD 4850 Toxic
-idle: about 70c Load: 100 - 110c
Slave: some other Raeon 4850
Core 2 Duo e4300 OC 2.3
3 GB ram
intel Bad ax 2 (D975xbx2)
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  1. Speedfan.............. isn't the best and most accurate utility to use....
    try some other one and then see.
  2. back in 2008 december , i had almost the same rig as u!! don't know the mobo, but the processor was a core 2 duo e7400 O.C to 3.0 GHz , and HD 4870,l 3 gb ram ,, and i had the same problem , gpu temps were unbearable!!! over 100c when gaming!!!! and the problem was with the gpu fan , it was not working properly , so i replaced it with a new one!! the problem was solved , ,, but your issue seems a bit different,.,.,.,..,! u shud still check the fans!
  3. thanks, yeah after i posted i checked the fan on my card and it had some small build up of dust on it so i cleaned it off. I do this about once a month and i guess that it was about time. the temps are a little better by about 10 degrees. I would say that its a little closer to the temps i want. thanks for the help guys.
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