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First-time builder - 3570k

I'm building my first computer and am looking to see if anyone sees anywhere I'm overspending for my needs or where I should upgrade. I plan to use this computer for gaming, streaming, and maybe photo editing in the future. I'm overseas right now, and I want to start pulling the trigger on Black Friday.

Here's what I plan to get:

CPU - i5 3570k w/CM Hyper 212 Evo
MoBo - Asrock Z77 Extreme4
RAM - Corsair Vengeance 8gb (2x4)
HHD - Seagate Barracuda 2TB 3.5" 7200rpm
Case - CM 690 II
PSU - Corsair Builder 600w 80 plus

Future Purchases:
256gb SSD
MSI GeForce GTX 660 Ti 2gb video card

I plan to buy the graphics card in the next couple months so my wife doesn't freak out over the large purchase and leaning on the integrated graphics from the CPU until then. With the SSD/HHD, I see a lot of builds with SSD and no HHD so I'm wondering if I should go with that now and buy the HHD after the new year. Of course, if I see any steals this weekend, I'll probably jump on them. I'm still undecided on monitor/keyboard, but I'm not as worried about those purchases and am hoping to find an open box deal or Black Friday deal on those.

Any advice or recommendations on any of the components I've listed will be appreciated.
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  1. I used the integrated graphics for about 3 months and it wasn't that bad It just made the 7870 that much more amazing once I installed it.

    Get the SSD now if you can afford it now. 256gb will be plenty for many programs/games and the speed is so nice.

    Get the samsung 30nm ram though.
  2. RAM changed, thanks. It was cheaper too. Any recommendations on the SSD?
  3. samsung 830, vertex 4, crucial m4 are good SSDs with reasonable price, overall nice build, but should choose better psu if u have the money
  4. Thanks I added the crucial M4 to my list. I'm looking at the play's and thinking of switching to the cx650 or 600, which is still in the same price range. this is one of the parts I'm unsure on. Pcpartpicker is telling me my build will have an estimated wattage of 339w. The cx600 v2 has two 6+2 gpu connectors. Do I need more than that?
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    Get a 120/128gb SSD. They have plenty of space for all programs and games. Buy Samsung 830 or 840, or Vertex 4. You have to buy the ssd first, cuz you will want to load Windows and all programs on it. (I bought a 500gb HDD first and then had to switch to my new ssd after. annoying.) Get a 1TB HDD, prices are great.

    Get a 600W PSU or 550W. Just make sure it is at least Bronze 80 certified. Stick to 520-600W, cuz you don't need anymore than that.

    I have the MSI 660 ti, but I don't recommend it. Buy a 7950. The new drivers make it awesome. It will beat the 660ti at almost everything.
  6. Awesome, thanks for the advice. The 600 v2 is bronze-80 cert so I'm good there, and I'll definitely get the ssd first. I'll have to do more research into the gpu as I haven't even really considered getting an amd card. Thanks again.
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