Will two HD Radeon 7770's in crossfire out perform a single GTX 660Ti?

Will the 660ti out perform 2 AMD Radeon's Superclocked 2gb?
My motherboard and PSU both support Crossfire, so that would be no problem but i was wondering if 2 7770 would out perform 1 GTX 660ti, for less money?
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  1. I am not certain, I guess they do when they work, but this is not always the case, and also you will experience micro-shuttering so I recommend against buying two weaker cards versus a stronger one. I dont recommend 660Ti either though, so I would suggest 7950 on the same money, 7870 if you want to spend less or if you want nVidia only spend more and grab 670.
  2. Nope, a 660ti would be a good bit faster than 2x HD 7770. I don't really like the 660ti's price currently - I think the 7950 is a better option since it's available cheaper - but 2x7770 isn't going to beat a 660ti in most cases.

    Here's my rationale:

  3. Another vote for the 7950 here :)

    Since the recent price drops it has become a choice hard to ignore!
    There have also Just this last week been more price drops which I am not sure have filtered down through to the suppliers...?

    This card easily beats out the 660Ti.
    The 670 carries an average of a 12% lead across most benchmarks over the 7950 but is a pretty over priced card - at the 670 price point you can start being able to buy the cheaper versions of the 7970 which is a card that can make the 680 look weak ^^

    AMD's latest drivers are also looking great - The most recent driver (not sure it has a public release yet) brings a card like the 7950 an extra 5 - 6 fps in BattleField 3 for example

    With their current pricing structure & driver progress AMD is on a roll :D

    Oh - I just bought the Asus Direct CU II TOP 7950 yesterday (new for $306 off ebay) after having my head buried in reviews this last week ~_^
  4. 7950, bro.
  5. Fanboys!
  6. +1 for the GTX 760 It's cheaper than a 7950 and performs the same.
  7. I agree 100 percent about the 760
    best value in gaming cards at the moment
    I do also like the 7950 but I would never say it EASILY beats the 660Ti
    and lets not forget that besides FPS there is frame latency and the AMD cards are having issues with that
  8. There's also a (older) chart on this very page showing the 7950 and GTX 660 Ti are even. If you check out the latest charts on TechPowerUp using the latest drivers and game suite, you'll see the 660 Ti has gained a few percent over the 7950. You need to be willing to update your perception as new drivers and new games change the old status quo.

    My reading of Newegg today has the GTX 660 Ti equal to or just barely cheaper than a $250 GTX 760 ($235 for the Asus GTX 660 Ti DirectCU w/free Splinter Cell Blacklist). While the cheapest 7950 is $250 with no free games (I guess the bundles are over). So essentially all three are the same cost, but the Nvidia cards have a free game.
  9. I have two rigs.
    One is a PhII x 6 1100T 4ghz/660Tiand a E3-1225 Xeon (about a I5-2400)/CF dual 7770s
    I like the dual 7770 setup which is in a Fractal 1000 case so very little room
    the highest temp I hit with those cards is in the 80s but that is with them Folding at Home (helping medical research for Stanford U)
    I have never gamed on the CF 7770s but from my reading they are about equal to a 660Ti/7950 (stock)
    can get a pair for about $230 on Egg USA
    for gaming I would rather have the 760 or 660Ti or 7950 since cost and performance wise they are about the same
    but for folding at home they are awesome
    check out folding at home
    awesome test to see how strong your rig is and it helps cancer and alzheimers research
  10. if crossfire setup cost you in the same price of gpu like gtx 660ti or 760 then don't waste money on crossfire setup they can cause problem ... go with 760 or 660ti if they price same as your crossfire setup
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