What crossfire setup max BF3 Ultra Min FPS 80?

What crossfire setup will be able to handle high res BF3 Ultra at min of 80+ FPS.

Price is currently not an issue.

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  1. So 1080P, BF3 at min 70fps at ultra?
  2. What about for GTX 680's?
  3. What about dual 6990s?
  4. Grab a pair of 7970Ghz and overclock them to 1200mhz core. I have a machine running 7970's vanilla models, they are overclocked to 1275 core I never see frames drop below 80fps. Most of the time they are above 100 fps, I get stuttering on occasion but I get stuttering with my 680's as well
  5. Having the latest drivers and support for PCIe 3.0 may or may not help with minimums.

    The 7000 series gains when overclocked are exceptional
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