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I am getting ready to build a digital music jukebox to replace the crummy HP Pavillion that I have been using for that purpose. I will be using a Turtle Beach Audiotron for the front end connected to my HI-FI system. Anyway, What will be the most inportant components that I need to focus on for ripping the huge music coollection that i have on cd as well as vinyl. Thanks for all of your expert help!

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  1. You'll need a fast CD-ROM/DVD-ROM Drive with fast DAE (Digital Audio Extraction). You'll need a reasonable amount of RAM, 256MB is good. You'll need a good sound card. I'd go with an Audigy Platinum or Hercules Game Theater XP. And finally, you'll need a fast burner. Everyone here seems to recommend the Plextor 24X/10X/40X burner, so I will too (although I haven't used it before).

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  2. any suggestions for cd/dvd drive? I take it I will use this drive to rip the cd's. As far as the sound card goes, I will not be playing games, just recording music and maybe playing back for monitoring. Is this whole process more processor intensive, or memory / disk intensive?

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