Please help, slow internet and no one has a clue?

hello, k im an lost and need help. I habe had trouble for about 2 years and started slow and getting realy bad now. I have 2 computors, ps3, xbox360 and 2 iphones. Now it does not matter what i use wired or wireless i can use the device and some times for hours other times its only a few minutes before my internet speed drops out. Speedtest online shows i usally get 5.2mb to 5.4 on the high end but when it drops it hits in the high 0.2'smb. its always random and does not matter what im on at he time or if i have a few things going everything just dies right out. I have talked to my internet provider many times and usally they say its my modem and they will send me a new one. K thats great but just got my 7ths modem last week and still happening and now its a daily think. Does not matter what time of day it just goes and slows down. I had the internet provider come out 2 times in a week ( this week ) and he changed all my lines from the pole infront of my house to the jack in the house. He tested and said it was all good and left. Pretty much a hour after he left same thing. Came back 2 days later and rechecked evrything and says its nothing on his end its in my system. But the problem is i have 6 internet devices and does not mater what is on or im using i lose on all systems. Any idea's anyone?
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  1. Is this DSL or cable?
  2. hi, its dsl and i did forget to say i did do clean up after clean up and scan after scan thinking it might some how be a virus or somthing like that. slow as i text this, .28mb on speedtest site.
  3. DSL is very susceptible to radio interference. The interference can be from cordless phones, wireless routers, and even florescent lights. The interference could also be from a close neighbor.

    One way to reduce the interference is to reduce your 'antenna' size. The phone cable coming into your home is unshielded, and the more phones you have wired up the larger your effective antenna to pick up interference. Make sure you DSL jack is the only one that has the DSL signal; in other words, you should NOT need filters on your phones. And the DSL jack should be as close to the incoming phone line (the demarc box) as possible.
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