Black friday = new stuff. 2.5k $ to spend

Hi guys, so im building another pc since black friday is around the corner and i got about 2.7k-2.8k in my pocket (but feel free to go a bit over max 200-300$ since maybe i can strike some deals on black friday) and im looking to buy a new pc

Use: Gaming, general useage, a bit of photoshop and other video rendering
Monitor: Yes ( but i dont think i need something very advanced like 2560x1440 or 120hz)
OS: Sure ( was looking at windows 8)
SLI/Crossfire : if it fits the budget why not

So.... go crazy :)) and help me spend some money! ty!
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  1. That's WAYYYYYYY too much money. Jeebus.


    Any decent z77 mobo that's ATX and not more than $180 when not on sale

    8GB 1600MHz CAS 7 RAM

    Your choice of case

    750w PSU of reliable brand

    GTX 670 or 7970

    Hyper 212 EVO

    Vertex 4 / Intel 520 / Samsung 830 or 840 pro, 128GB

    1TB 7200 rpm hard drive

    Case of your choice.
  2. indeed close to 3k is a lot of money , but i want this thing to eat iron and crap out nails in a matter of saying. :))
  3. If you want to go crazy...
    Any decent motherboard SLI compatible on sale (I like asus and gigabyte)
    Corsair hydro series h100i
    2X gtx 670
    A corsair modular PSU at least 850w to be safe.
    A good case - I like corsair carbide 500r (yes, I reeeealy like Corsair)
    Low profile ram, at max 1.5V, some good deal you can find (maybe corsair vengeance :p).
    If you want good sound xonar essence stx or at least a xonar dg but watch out for motherboard space!
    About monitors... If you don't want more than 1080p @ 60 hz, then just buy a good Dell ips, they're good quality. Alternatively, Crossover 27q.
    Get some gentle typhoons 120 mm fans and I guess you're good to go!
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