Help!! Graphics card not detected

Hi guys,

got the new 660ti upgrading from a ATI 5570.

I disabled the 5570 in device manager, then turned my pc off and replaced the 5570 withe 660ti. When i booted it up i plugged the dvi cable from the monitor into the 660ti which gave no signal to the monitor.

I then booted it up with the dvi attached to the mobo dvi port which works fine. I downloaded the latest drivers but when it installed it said the hardware was not installed.

In device manager the 660 isnt showing up either.

Please help guys
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  1. You don't want to just disable the 5570, you want to completely remove it's drivers. In add and remove programs uninstall all of your ATi drivers and try the new card again then.

    Also, make sure you have the 660 plugged in all the way, both in the PCIe slot and with it's power cable from the PSU.
  2. yeah i had done all that.
    Its all working now i changed which port, on the psu, the 12 pin of the pci E cable was plugged into. I have a ax650 im not really sure how it fixed but its all working now so happy days.

    p.s. Thanks for the help trapper.
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