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Hey guys! I'm looking for a motherboard for my computer. I'm a starter building computers, This will be my first one. Alright so is this motherboard worth it for 80 bucks?


I know it's bigger than normal ones but is it worht it? Thanks!
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  1. Are you building a high end workstation or server? Extended ATX (EATX) are primarily used for those. You will have to have a larger case as well.

    Do you have anything else picked out? Processor, GPU, etc?
  2. If you are using one of the older Sandybridge unlocked processors, and were planning on getting an expensive case, anyway, it may not be a bad deal. If you are using Ivybridge processor, it's not ideal, and what you'd have to spend, extra, on a case to fit it, would be far more than you would save on mobo. What processor are you planning to use, and do you want the ability to have TWO graphics cards. Assuming build will be for gaming, that will determine "best", or most economic (not necessarily the same) motherboard.
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