Driver problem?

not sure where to post this one, as it fits in 3 or 4 different categories.

so here goes, have successfully OCed gtx 460 to 900/1800/2100
verifying with Heaven(10 consecutive benchmark passes, all settings max),
3dMark11(also max settings, 5 passes),
and OCCT(also w/ max settings for 8 HOURS)
twice now i have woken up with no video from my computer(idle looking @ desktop)
looking at the .dmp files shows an Nvidia driver crash(using 306.23 whql)
has anyone else run into this?

is this a 306 issue, because when i tried to use the 306.02beta, it would crash my OC.
but all appeared stable with WHQL 306.23

your thoughts, comments, and opinions would be appreciated
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  1. Does this problem also occur at stock clock frequencies?
  2. havent tried stock clocks, the card OCed to 800/1600/2000(stock voltage) out of the box and was there for a few months until i decided to push it further.
    thinking i will start with a rollback to 301.42 drivers. In my case the 301 drivers were more stable than the 306 beta(had to up the voltage to keep the driver from crashing in 3dMark).
    then i will tackle the clocks. did a 10 HOUR run of OCCT at max with No errors and 74C max temp at this speed.
    and why does the driver crash when it is IDLE??
  3. My OC'd 560Ti's have been running @99% load for over 24 hours on the 306.23 drivers without any issues whatsoever, I don't think the driver is the cause of your problem.
  4. This'd be the first that I've heard of the 306.23 driver causing such problems. You said that you were fine for several months with a smaller overclock (is it a factory overclock?), so you could try dropping to the frequency/voltage settings from the previous clocks and see if the problems persist with the new driver if a driver rollback doesn't solve the issues. However, like Mousemonkey said, I also haven't heard of issues like this with the 306.23 drivers before and they're probably not the cause, although its not impossible for them to be the cause.
  5. OOPS! i crashed the driver after a 10 min run of Heaven fly-by
    gonna clock it back down to earth and no its not factory OCed, just a no-name reference card(Nvidia in subvendor on Gpuz)

    on a sidebar: gpu bios OCing wouldn't have anything to do with it?
  6. It might, but I don't know for sure. I usually just use Trixx for graphics overclocking.
  7. i left heaven running while im at work and will update when i get home
    rolled the clocks back to 800/1600/2000 to be safe
    but the driver issue i noticed when really pushing the clocks on this older card.
    was running 301.42 semi stable @ 930, then switched to the beta 306 driver and it crashed
    had to add more voltage to get it stable again
    maybe the newer drivers isnt working as good for the older(?) gtx 460
  8. well rolled the driver back to 301.42 and guess what?
    stable again @ 900/1800/2100 @ 1.0625V just like before
    i dont know how the drivers are working for the gtx 5xx and 6xx series
    but i have proven, at least to myself, that it does make a difference on my particular gtx 460.
    will do further EXTENSIVE benching and stressing throughout the weekend to see what happens and will update when i feel satisfied with my results.
    any other gtx460 owners please try to duplicate this experiment with the drivers and let us know your conclusions

    EDIT: lets make this as valid as possible by getting the maximum STABLE OC(stable defined as 8-24 hours of continous benchmarking and stress testing)
    with the 301 drivers, then switching to the 306 drivers and see what happens
  9. Interesting. I wasn't aware of such a problem. Maybe I can find other examples of this issue.
  10. UPDATE: 10 consecutive passes of 3dMark11, 10 consecutive passes of Heaven, 8 HOURS of OCCT, and left overnight idling with no driver crashes.

    all on 301.42 at 900/1800/2100 @ 1.0625V
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