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Hi, I am looking into upgrading my mother's pc to give it a boost in performance. She basically only uses it for facebook flash games (farmville, chefville, etc. which run quite slow on her current setup) and some internet browsing. My best guess was to get a more powerful graphics card, but since I am not very experienced I would not like to spend money on this and end up with little to no improvement due to other components which are limiting the performance. I would therefore appreciate advice on which components you think are limiting the performance most, and need upgrading to have a balanced system with a noticeable improvement. These are her current specs:

Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 CPU 2.8GHz, 3MB Cache, 1066MHz
ASRock G31M-S R2.0 Motherboard
Palit 9400GT 1024MB 128bit DDR2 Graphics Card
Monitor: Acer 23" wide screen Res: 1920 x 1080
Windows XP 64 bit
400W PSU

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks! :)
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  1. You can save a bit of money have her right click on the game there should be a tab for flash you can downgrade the graphics settings and you should see an improvement. Also you should try updating GPU drivers. If none of this works do a fresh install of adobe flash.
  2. Thanks, I'll try that:)

    However I mean to upgrade her pc as a gift, so I'd appreciate any feedback on which components would have the most effect for playing online flash games.
  3. Her games shouldn't really lag on that system.. I'd be checking for software related issues. Has she had the computer a while? It might be in need of a clean up.

    It's possible her broadband connection isn't fast enough, though I kinda doubt that.

    Which ever it is the computer specs you listed should be more than capable of playing Facebook games

    Download - Speccy and have a quick look at her temps - make sure it's all ok and nothings getting too stressed in there.

    You're a bit limited on the RAM you can use as it's DDR2 800 or DDR2 667.. You could always double it and have 8 gig - but again, you shouldn't really need to do that for a Facebook game. It's pure over kill. The 9400GT is a pretty good card as well..

    Maybe as a present you could clean up the pc, buy her windows 7 instead? That'll give it a decent new lease of life imo.

    I've just fixed a PC which is near 10 years old and was running painfully slow. I even told the client "it could be nearing the end of it's life but I would see what I could do". Ran the inbuilt recovery software, put it back to factory settings. Then spent a while running updates to all the drivers and uninstalling the factory installed bloatware (aol and norton nagware anyone?) and that computer is now lovely and rapid.

    So my plan of action would be

    Buy her Windows 7
    Reformat and make clean install of the PC
    Update all drivers
    Install AVG ('cos it's free and lightweight (and just because I love it))
    Install Chrome - it's quicker than I.E. in my experience
    Smile and happily accept the horrific knitted jumper which is coming your way this Christmas ;)

  4. Dear Chris, thanks so much for your in-depth reply!

    I was under the impression that flash games like farmville really clog up resources. Her pc mostly suffers when she runs Farmville 2, which has 3D graphics.

    I will try out your suggestions of running Speccy and formatting and installling Windows 7 and see how things go.

    Once again thanks a lot for your help! :)
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