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I built both my computer and my roommate's.

We both play SWToR , and we used to use the wireless network for both computers. A couple patches ago, his game started disconnecting - claiming no internet access. We tried to repair it on the game's end, but to no avail.

So, we ran a network cable through the house, and putting him on a wired connection fixed the problem. I drew the conclusion that his wireless card was probably fried. I got a new wireless adapter, and eventually got around to installing it. The same disconnect problem occurred immediately.

So, my question is, what software causes can I look into (Windows 7 64bit) and what other hardware might be causing the problem. I'm thinking the motherboard, but the two adapters were different socket types, so they weren't installed in the same place on the board.

Thanks for any insight.
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  1. I had a family friend that has a strange wireless network performance issue and she would lose internet connectivity randomly. This was after she installed a lot of windows updates. Come to find out there was a wireless adapter driver update in there as well. We actually updated the firmware on her wireless router and this fixed the issue completely. This is a place where most people seem to ignore updating. If you are keeping your wireless adapter drivers up to date for performance, would it not also serve to keep what it's connecting to up to date as well.

    Just something to try out. This is also assuming you have good reception to your wireless router/access point.
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