X16 , x4 pci express problem

i have amd fx 8120 cpu,
nvidia8400gs card,
wd caviar blue 500gb hdd,
m5a97 r 2.0 mb,
and all in one dvd rewriter,
and a cooler master gx 650 watts.

my mobo has 2 pci express slots.one at the speed of 16.amd another at the speed of 4. i wanna buy nvidia graphic cards and run them in sli.in some reviews i herd that it dosent support sli. can i decrease first slot speed to 4 or 2nd slot speed to 16.
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  1. can any body sugest me sli supported gpu. for that motherboard
  2. If your mobo does not support SLi then why are you trying to give yourself a hard time? :heink:
  3. Look at the overview of your motherboard. It only states your motherboard supports AMD CrossfireX and not NVidia SLI.

    If you want dual graphic cards, you'll need to use two AMD GPUs. Given that the second slot is only x4, I wouldn't recommend going with a dual card setup. If you want to use NVidia cards in SLI, then you will need a different motherboard; with which you can make sure the two PCI-Ex16 slots will run at x8/x8 or x16/x16.

    Personally, I'd just recommend staying with a single card solution, like the GTX 670 or HD7870 (depending on budget and power supply).

    -Wolf sends
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