Which of these cable types make sense for in-wall/attic house wiring?

Hi there all,

I'm debating trying to wire all the rooms of my house myself vs. hire someone to do it. I'm not as opposed to spending $$$ as I am worried about how bad the walls get ripped up to get the job done (portions of home have no attic or crawlspace).

Part of my confusion is to what type of cat6 cable do I want?

One installer suggested:
CAT6 500 Mhz (or it was 550Mhz) 23AWG UTP PVC jacket

I really don't know what matters or what I need to consider, even from Googling different cat6 cables.

I think I've seen some 24AWG. And some 400 Mhz. Also riser rated which I don't need from what I can tell.

Is there anything in regards to Mhz or AWG I need to consider if pulling through walls and attic? This will not be inside of conduit and mostly used for high-speed internet (data).

ALSO - I've been looking for a best-of-breed manufacturer for this type of cable if I do it myself. Monoprice has good prices but I'm not sure what I'm buying. Not sure where else to order such stuff, or does it not really matter? Thanks!

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  1. I prefer Belden wire myself, but any name brand will do. No, you do not need the teflon jacketed riser cable for a home. I have not purchased cable in a while, so I am not sure about the Mhz rating.
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