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I have a question about the gt 440 2gb 68bit by galaxy . I have a old pc with an intel pentium 4 at 3.4ghz with hyper threading, 2gb ram, winx 32bit, 300w psu i sold my last gaming pc i built and im not really fimilliar with low end gpus. i had 2 6770's in cf in my gaming rig. the only games i have is fallout, dragon age, reckoning, diablo, diablo 2, mass effect, new vegas, and a few others. the gt 440 is at best buy for 55 dollars tax included. will it run the games i listing above at 1024x768? im not going to upgrade my psu because i dont game alot. right now im using the intergrated intel gma 900 and it sucks. any thoughts? iv never messd with low end cards. iv had 6770's, a 5850, and a 6970 in my game builds. im to tied with work and my wife made me sell all my rigs.
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    Look for HD6670 from where you buy. It will cost you less and more powerful than gt440.
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