7970 Gamma Problems

Hey guys, After about a month and a half this I got a "crucial" windows updated yesterday which screwed up my integrated graphics card drivers where they won't recognize my second display. Now I am using a Sapphire 7970 in there, but the LCD connected to the HDMI display had HORRIBLE gamma. My drivers are up to date and I've tried adjusting both the monitor settings and i used windows Fix display color/gamma thing which name is escaping me atm. IF anyone has any suggestions i'd really appreciate it. It's taking my mostly grayscale background and making it really blue. It also destroys a web browser making everything look a really pale while just kind of flowing together you cannot tell when the tabs and search bars start/stop.
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  2. Upon further inspections I've also noticed that the display is blurry plugged into the hdmi port on the 7970, but fine if it's plugged into the DVI port. But since my other monitor needs to use the DVI i'm quite confused as to what i should do.
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