GPU crashing on quite low temperature

I have a HD6870 graphics card and I have noticed a weird problem. Card started crashing after playing call of duty 4. When it crashes the temperature is somewhere around 70-75C.

Then I lowered max fps and increased fan running speed and it started running much cooler and the problem was gone.

It hasn't crashed even for one single time after I got the temperature lower. When running on temperatures, lets say under 65C, there is no problem.

So why is the card crashing on that low temperature? (About 70C) What I've heard GPUs can easily get up to 80C.

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  1. Did you overclock the card?
  2. It is almost certainly the GDDR that is overheating. Most cards do not have a monitor for the RAM temp on card.

    The fan will increase the heat taken away from the RAM as well as the GPU.

    Also I hav efound that if you are playing a modern game that is streaming textures from an SSD (if the game is installed on an SSD) it puts more heat into the GDDR.

    My card has a MEMIO heat sensor and I can watch this happen in real time.
  3. Card is not overclocked and I have just installed drivers from cd that I got with the card.

    Why is CDDR overheating? Can this be fixed?
  4. because they (the manufacturers) push the GDDR to the limit and the heat removal solutions are not always good enough to keep them stable.

    If you buy new extra high performance thermal pads for the memory chips and replace the ones on the card you might get more stable gameplay.

    Also I think that the whole issue with streaming textures from an SSD increasing the heat load on the memory hasn't really been recognised by the actual hardware designers yet.
  5. Hmm ok. Well, it runs well now just when I keep the temperature a little lower. So maybe when I play a little more requiring game and there comes a problem, I do something about the cooling :D
  6. Actually in this sort of situations you'll experience crashes when you get high fps and high temp together.
    While if you get just playable frame rates running a demanding title,you may not crash so apart from keeping temps down,also use FPS limiter like you already have and set what you need(30-40 would be good),not more.
  7. Oh, ok. Thanks for the information :)
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