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getting ready to build my first rig and was wondering what video card I should with? I was looking at either a GTX 660ti or a Radeon HD7950. Which do you guys prefer for a standard gaming rig?(BF3, Killing Floor, Diablo 3, ect.) or is that an overshot of what I need? could I run most games today on high settings with an HD7870 or the likes? advice/opinions are greatly appreciated, thanks
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  1. I would go with the 7950 personally, but the 660Ti is a good choice too. I just don't like the limited memory bandwidth of the 660.
  2. I see, I will probably go with the 7950 then, it seems like a solid card from what i've been reading about
  3. Very solid card.
  4. I'd go with the 7950 between those 2. They overclock amazing if you need more performance in the future. The extra memory and bandwidth is really nice for any future games that uses better textures and such.
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