Geforce 9400 gt pci not working right on a gateway dx4710


I have visited this site multiple times in the past but never had to post. However i am now at a loss with my current problem. My nephew bought a gateway dx4710 a while back and now wants a new card in it so he can play some games. Well when I try to boot it up it flashes the cards stats for about a sec and then restarts and does that over and over. At first I thought the base 350w PSU wasn't enough, I then put in a 700w PSU cause soon down the road he wants me to build a whole new system. Anyway I'm hoping someone out there has some news as I cant find anything info thats useful. I am more experienced with custom built systems and these factory systems always seem to give me a headache.
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  1. And it works fine with onboard? Can you verify the card works in another PC?
  2. yeah it works fine with the onboard. unfortunately i dont have another pc atm to test it on.
  3. Im going more and more toward a bad card. It doesn't even make it to the bios option when the card is in. As far as bios options this gateway models options are crap. It has the option to disable all integrated peripherals except the onboard graphics. It always has no options to change it to boot on a pci slot. Also this is a standard pci card not a pcie.
  4. Well i found out part of the problem with the bios is this motherboard model on this gateway has a locked out bios. So until I fond the means to access the locked bios I cant do what I need to and seems to be the main issue here.
  5. I doubt locked bios will not let you insert PCIe card really. You should really try that card in any other PC.
  6. Yeah all the locked bios is doing is not allowing me to disable the onboard graphics. I did try it quickly on another comp, and the other comp it booted up fine but seems like the pci slots on the second comp didnt recognize a card was even installed so Im thinking its a faulty card now. Ive decided just to stop messing with this old comp and build him a new one.
  7. Glad you made a decision :).
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