Limit Wireless Bandwidth Possible? (Linksys WRT54GL)

Hi, I have a linksys WRT54GL with the latest firmware. I know QoS feature can limit bandwidth based on priority. But QoS feature is only for wired network, is there any good ways to limit bandwidth? Thanks
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  1. Might want to consider third party firmware, dd-wrt or tomato.
  2. Thanks, I just downloaded a .bin file from dd-wrt; I am going to flash the firmware and see how it goes...
  3. P.S. Most ppl seem to prefer the QoS features in tomato over dd-wrt. Not exactly sure why, but that always seems to be the consensus from those who've tried both (I don't use it at all, so I have no opinion one way or the other).
  4. I tried both, neither of them have specify QoS service for wireless as a separate function but both firmware does give better QoS control compare to the Linksys default one. I will see how it goes, my cousins always stream videos online and it kills my bandwidth (barely can do anything when he does or download massive items)
  5. I believe the paid version of DD-wrt has that exact feature. I've looked for the same thing, and that was the conclusion I ended up with.
  6. That suks, do you know if either DD-wrt or tomato has a feature where it allows one/multiple PC(s) based on IP/MAC address can have no limitation to the QoS? In otherwise that specified computer has no affect on QoS and can use max bandwidth if needed. Thanks
  7. Try Netlimiter.

    It is a software to restrict bandwidth.

    You can set the bandwidth limit.

    But it only works on the computer it is installed on.

    So it requires your cousin's cooperation.

    Are you in good terms with your cousin?
  8. I would say yes we are in good terms but then he can always uninstall it. I am paying for the services, he's basically leeching but it gets annoying when he uses all the bandwidth.
  9. All we need is a little bit of trust.
  10. He also uses a tablet, how can I limit that?
  11. Yeah, that is not going to be limited by the software.

    I am out of idea.
  12. I am surprised they don't have a QoS features to limit bandwidth based on MAC Addresses... oh well... tomato is still a good firmware I guess. Thanks a lot guys...
  13. Well, I didn;t search into it so I don't know if Mac address QoS is supported or not.

    But now I do a google search and found it does, instruction here:
  14. I did not see Device Priority on my old linksys firmware, I guess I will try to roll it back and see if I can find it. Thanks alot for all the help guys.
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