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Resolved: Win7 Hates old Routers?

Hello group,

My old Linux'd netbook finally died. At least the wireless card did, rendering it useless to me :( RIP Before its demise, it worked fine with my wireless.

So, I brought home my fancy new work netbook, win 7, with all the bells and whistles. At work, I'm always using it wired, but I did test wireless on Purdue's network, and it works very well.

So I got it home Friday, and tried unsuccessfully (again) to connect it to my old Westtell (Model Number A90-327W15-06). I had tried before, but this time I had incentive! W7 didn't like the old WEP security, and I was unable to get around that and get an internet connection. I fig'd the easy out was to plug in a WAP, so out to the garage to search through my sack of routers, and in five minutes, I return with a shiney old Lynksys WAP54G.

At this point, I'm not too concerned with security, so I just change the SSID and password and give it a go. I seem to connect to it fine, but internet comes and goes. If I plug directly into the Westell with a wire, it's the same.

I found, when I loose internet, I'm still connected to the WAP, but I can't reach the Westell. I also found, if I reset the WAP, by going to it's web page that I can always reach and do a "save" changes, I get internet and access to the Westell. Zero to five clicks on web pages later, it stops, and I have to reset the WAP again.

Another bit of information on the problem, there is an old XP box wired to the Westell, and it works well, except when I try to use the W7 netbook, then it goes up and down too. XP box comes back up on its own :pt1cable:

My gut says the Westell has to go. Either outdated or hardware problem. I might try a firmware update before replacement. I'm interested in any ideas you folks might have, as my experience is primarily wired Cisco and I have little wireless experience and none with Win 7.

Forgive me, I didn't search first, as you may guess, using the internet is very unfun right now... outright frustrating. Can't get to the XP box as SWMBO is asleep beside it. So, I'm going to click "save changes" again and post :cry:

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  1. Well, I got on the old XP box and upgraded firmware. Also replaced the wall wart. I'm on via the WAP, and it appears to work.
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    Been working for hours now, no hitches. Downloads working, getting a 1M DL rate at (local to me).

    The Westell still hates W7, so I'm running the WAP. After firmeare upgd, the WAP and Westell are the best of friends...
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