Dell Optiplex 780 upgrade

I have a Dell Optiplex 780 - small form factor machine - that I wish to do some gaming on:

I have been searching for graphics cards for this machine, and found a few - this one included:

It obviously may require a new power supply so I found this:

...but I am not sure if that will fit. It looks too long to me, but I cannot be sure.

Dell's website has some options to upgrade this machine, but I am not sure the capabilities of them:

The recommendation for power supplies is limited to 305 watt it seems:

So my question: What should I do here? Does anyone know if the power supply will fit? What about the video card? Is it a good one?

I hope to play some Mechwarrior Online and Battlefield 3 with this until I can save enough for a real machine.

Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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  1. alec3601 said:

    That's the machine I have, yes (minus the SSD and graphics card).
    Not sure what power supply he used with that. Looks like a Dell power supply, but it can't be 235W like mine with that graphics card in there, can it?
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