Hows this build? :)

Hello everyone! I have roughly 800-850 dollars to spend on a new PC including an OS, no monitor needed.

Here is what I've picked out on tiger direct, let me know if any changes should be made or any problems with compatibility (this is my first PC build :sweat: )

Also, bear with me, i know clicking on links are annoying as hell, so i labeled which is which for simplicity haha.





Graphics Card:





I've done a lot of research and the FX-8320 scores a tad bit under the 8350 and is 30 dollars less. Also, the 8320/8350 score higher than the intel i5 2500k, and is about the same price.

Also researched a lot, and the 7870 is a beast card for ~200 dollars. For ~30 dollars less i could get the 7850, but it has roughly 1000 points less on the 3d mark score than the 7870. Is it worth the extra money for the 7870?Also, Im trying to stick with AMD because i've been hearing they give more bang for the buck in terms of performance.

Thank you for the input! Means a lot :bounce:
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  1. skip that cable.

    and skip fx. they are not for games.

    this build would be way better. no crappy power supplies in this one
  2. But the cpu benchmark on the fx-8320 is better than the intel i5-3470.

    Why do you say the FX series arent for gaming? What do they lack in that intel doesnt?

    Thanks for the quick reply :)
  3. Hey TheBigTroll, how much games do you think the build you linked that pc could run on max settings at 60 fps?
  4. A intel i5 2500 is a good cpu.
    Also you might want to get a 64 SDD for your OS
  5. Can someone explain why "fx's aren't gaming processors"?

    I was under the assumption that higher benchmark scores means better performace. the FX i listed scores almost 2000 points higher than the i5.

    Someone elaborate please
  6. it is better in muti-threaded benchmarks but games are often only 2 threaded or 4 depending on how new the game is

    fx lacks single threaded performance.
  7. Alright thanks! Ill keep that in mind
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