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Hello Lads,
I have encountered a scary thing. I was browsing the net when BAM! GPU usage spiking from 0% to 99%! The color scheme changed to Windows 7 Basic and I was like: :ouch: After about 1min it stopped. Everything switched back to normal (color scheme was still basic, I had to restart the PC for it to change). After the restart it said, that Lucid virtuMVP control panel has stopped working. Has it something to do with it? I uninstalled MVP.
Thanks in advance!
EDIT: The card is OCed. Core clock: +160; Memory clock: +115
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  1. did u use msi afterburner cause thats what happened to me on my 7850
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    I've had this happen before, it's the Windows Experience Index running a test to determine your system score. GPU usage goes up to 99% with the colour scheme reverting to basic when the GPU is being tested. WEI does this automatically every month or so if you don't turn it off.
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