Should I hand in the old console so I Can bump from a 660 to a 660ti?

I looked at some benchmarks, and the ti is notably more powerful then the 660. ( Not to mention it includes BL2) Should I just hand in the xbox to Best Buy and upgrade to the TI? What are your guy's thoughts? Also, I'll be running it with a 3570k @ 4.5 OC

Thanks! :D
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  1. I would do it....but thats just me I hate playing on consoles so I would have no use for gotta weigh the pros and cons for you...we cannot make this decision for you play xbox alot? do you have alot of games for it? are you gonna use this computer for more than just boderlands 2? there are a lot of factors to consider...but again if I were you I would get rid of that xbox ASAP
  2. Completely agree with drums, though if you could sell your 660 to recoup some of the cost that would be ideal. Also keep in mind some of the console exclusive games. (lack of good top down JRPGs on PC)
  3. I haven't purchased a card yet. ( My fault for leaving that out) But I really only have CoD and the Assassin creed games. But yeah, I'll be sure to ditch the console and keep a controller for myself. What would you guys recommend, a 7950 or a gtx ti? Thanks so far. :D
  4. the 7950 would be the card to get. its the best band for you buck wold get great performance out of it.
  5. I would personally keep the Xbox360, get some exclusive games on it. And despite what some may say, local multiplayer on a PC is just inferior to consoles.

    I would go with the HD7950 over a 660Ti, but that may be my Radeon bias talking :lol:
  6. Honestly, the only exclusives that really interested me was Halo and Fable II, and even then it doesn't really compare. And if I have company over, instead of sitting on the couch playing co-op Halo, I'd much rather them trying out my beast ass PC. Thanks for all of your input gentleman. :D
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