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Can I use the same CD key?

Can I use the same Enterprise x64 CD key on both my laptop and desktop?

Both systems have the same install.

These computers are only used by me, I imagine it would make sense that since I am "licensing" the software from Microsoft...I am keeping my user count to: 1 and therefor should only need 1 license....

I imagine Microsoft is against this, but what are my options?

Thanks for any advice,

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  1. The licence is for one machine, not 1 user.
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    Correct - you are paying per license, so each computer needs it's own key - lat least in the legal sense.
  3. I can tell you from my experience yesterday that this will not work. I have always used the same key for vista and xp, but I got that media directly from my university store and maybe they were multi-user keys. As it is, the "student deal" I found will only activate on one machine, even though Digital River implied in an email that it would work on both. I think it was a misunderstanding on their part about what I wanted to do.
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  5. The best you can do is install Win 7 on your other PC at not validate it. You will be able to use it fully for 30 days "trial period" after which you will probably get constant reminders to validate the copy and it will probably shut down every two hours of usage.

    There is an exploit to reactivate for another 30 days which you can find by Googling. You can use the exploit three times before Win 7 will demand a activation key; that's a total of 120 day max free trial period. This particular exploit existed since Win Vista. This will allow you some leeway if you need time to save up more money for another licensed copy of Win 7.
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