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So my pc is very old, 4 yrs old.And i decided to build a new one.
I want a pc just for gaming and nothing else.
Can give me some ideas. what components to buy?
The cost doesnt mater very much. but ... lets say i wont go more than 2.000$
An GTX 690 would be a good gpu for gaming? :bounce:
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  1. What's your monitor resolution? A 690 is the best GPU on the graphics market right now. It's basically two 680's in SLI on one PCB. It'd be serious overkill for a single monitor.

    I'd probably get an i5, overclock it, two high end GPU's, a HDD and SSD.
  2. ^ good point
    get 16gb ram
    1 tb hdd
    128 ssd
    a 680 gfx
    i5 3750k over clocked
    coller for cpu
    coller master case
    optical drive and burner
    make sure the mother board supports all your parts
    a 750 power supply
    and windows

    that will be a great gaming rig
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