Looking to connect to laptop as monitor so I can set up the bios

Hi there,
I recently set up my homebuilt computer, and I've hit a little snag: my money for a monitor isn't coming for another month. So I figured that I'd use my dell inspiron laptop (Circa 2007) as a monitor, so I can set up the bios and install the OS for the time being. My question is: Is that possible without taking anything apart on the laptop? PLEASE HELP!
My other option (which I think has zero chance) is to hook up one of my two apple imac g3's with the vga port it has in the back, but I'm afraid that the imac's won't be able to because they have the mirror only feature allegedly (according to a friend of mine)... any suggestions? Please help me out!
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  1. they are usually for output not input.
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