Symptoms Of Shorting Motherboard?

Are the symptoms of a motherboard shorting on the case
consistent/predictable? I've posted previously about my system which is
periodically just going dead. No fans, beeps, or anything. I think
something is shorting somewhere. But I'm not sure if its a problem with the
motherboard itself, the power supply, or the motherboard touching the case.
Sometimes I wiggle the power cord going into the power supply and it dies.
Once I touched the mouse connector and it died. This morning *twice* it
died when I put the case cover on.

Also, the PSU that came with the case is a Powerman. Its not on AMD's list.
So that in itself is probably something I should change. Are Powerman PSUs
known for being problematic?

The specifics:
Gigabyte GA-7DXR
Athlon 1.2GHz, 266FSB
Thermaltake 6Cu cooler
256MB Crucial DDR RAM
Inwin S506 case w/ 300W power supply
eVGA GeForce2 64MB video card
Philips CD-RW

Thanks a bunch.

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  1. Fasten all screw, make sure all add on card sitted properly especially AGP card.
    Look at the PSU specification, the 3.3v and 5v max combine output should be at least 150w, if not written, your may consider a new AMD approved PSU.
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