I Need Help With Upgrade

Hi, I've been thinking about upgrading my rig but I'm not sure if I should wait for the 700 series or buy something in the 600 series like a 660 or a 660 ti.

I've had my 6870 for a year now and its done me well, I could sell this card (while its still worth something) and get some money to put towards a new card but I don't know if its worth it and if I should wait, what do you think?

Current Rig:
i5 2500k @4.3ghz
Exceleram 8GB @1600mhz
Corsair 650w
XFX 6870 Duel Fan

Also if you think I should go in for the 600 series, should I get the 660 (£190) or the 660 ti (£250).

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  1. I would suggest getting a 7950 for a bit more than the 660 ti. It'll end up being a lot better.
  2. Whats better with the 7950, more memory?
  3. Nah performance is just better and it does have a bigger memory bus so putting on AA won't make it lag.
  4. Do you reckon i should wait a something new to come out or buy now, i don't want to buy a new card then something like big kepler or 700, 8000 etc. series comes out soon or something.
  5. That's gunna be a good year until those come out.
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