The best graphics card for this system

System specs are as follows,

CPU - I7-960 currently running @ 3.3 Htz
RAM - 8GB DDR3 @ 7 7 7 21
MOBO - Sabertooth X58
GPU - XFX Black Edtion 6850
PSU - XFX Black Edtion 850 watts Silver
HDD- Western Digtal Black 2TB 7200
KEYBOARD - Logitech G510
MOUSE - Logitech G500

I can only upgrade the GPU at the moment, so what I need to know is what is the best Graphics upgrade solution for this system.
The system is used for Gaming , Surfing , Movies in that order. Thanks in advance for the replies.
Games played are,BF2, BF3, Diablo3 ,Crysis2 and some online FPS.
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  1. An i7-960 is still a pretty good CPU. Go ahead and get whatever GPU you want - you can handle even stuff like the 7970 and GTX 680.
  2. as Bigmack said pretty much any card is an option for you...if I were making the decision and had the cash I would get a gtx 670 or an amd 7970
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    he 670 and R7950 are best bang for buck in the high end video card department imo.MSI's GTX 670 Power Edition uses the famous Twin Frozr IV cooler from the MSI Lightning and comes with a large clock speed boost out of the box, making its default clock speed even higher than GTX 680 stock clocks. MSI is asking a $30 price premium for their card, which doesn't look unreasonable, given the improved cooling and higher clocks.Sapphire's HD 7950 Vapor-X comes with a large dual-fan cooler that uses the company's famous vapor-chamber technology. On the Vapor-X you will also find a "Lethal Boost" button which switches to a second BIOS with higher clock speeds. With this BIOS, clocks are increased to 950 MHz GPU and 1250 MHz memory.Pricing of the Sapphire HD 7950 Vapor-X is 330 USD, which is a 10% premium, or $ 30 over the reference design.Both cards are well worth the price imo. Here's a good guide to go by, given by Tom's every month.,3107.html
  4. That cpu is only 1 under the top tier. you are fine. only question is how much do you want to spend?

    Edit. I Second BigC. But i'd like to add the 7970 ghz ed into the mix, it's a few bucks more than 670 but 1 tier up.
  5. Thanks for the input guys,as for how much to spend,I certainly dont want to make the same mistake I did when buying the last gpu, I cheaped out .I regret that now in hindsight.
    So in answer to the how much would I spend 400$ would be close to the top of my budget any more than that and I would have to save for awhile.
    What about pcie 2.0 vs 3.0 would that be a bit of a waste on my mobo?
    the 7970 looks good right now
  6. no pcie 2.0 is more than enough bandwidth for any card out there today....If $400 is your top budget I would be looking at gtx 670's...super fast cards
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