EVGA Superclocked 670 GTX vs. FTW Edition EVGA 670 GTX

I was wondering would it benefit by spending and extra $80 to get the FTW Edition EVGA 670 GTX over the Superclocked EVGA?
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  1. $80 between the two? maybe you are looking at a 4gb ftw edition..if thats the case then the two major benefits are higher clock speed and 4gb of memory vs. 2gb on the superclocked....the extra 2gb of ram wont have much effect on performance unless you are playing on multiple monitors....to me its not worth the extra cost you could just OC the superclocked version to FTW speeds.
  2. the research ive done says the FTW edition comes with the 680's upgraded fan/cooling system. and a considerably lower workload heat/noise. allowing it to work harder.
  3. Look with the EVGA cards you aren't going to get cooling that is going to lit the world on fire if you wanted cooling you would go with brands like ASUS, MSI, and GIGABYTE. You wouldn't with EVGA even there Signature 2 cards which I would prefer from EVGA are still quite reference. I would say no its not worth it the more expensive card may have more ram which you don't need more then 2 gigabytes unless you were going to get into mods with SKYRIM or it could be factory overclocked which isn't necessary either. I have this card.
    And the only reason why I purchased it was because of the cooling and peformance the card receives I would of gone with the ASUS one but it was more expensive and I was running on a strict 400 dollar budget at the time. So my opinion save your money get the cheaper of the two enjoy the two games you get with them :P and enjoy your card.
  4. SC means superclocked so yes they are factory overclocked, the FTW is the top factory overclocked evga card

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