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Hey guys, Fresh Install of Windows 7 Ultimate, and I have an old nVidia mx420 on my machine, when I go to dxdiag it says this:

Name: Standard VGA Graphics Adapter
Manufacturer: nVidia
Chip Type: nVidia
Dac Type: 8 bit
Approx. Total memory: n/a
Current Display Mode: 1280 x 1024 (32 bit) (1Hz)
Monitor: Generic PnP Monitor

DirectX Features:

DirectDraw : Not Available
Direct3D : Not Available
AGP Texture : Not Available

But I have Directx 11 and shouldn't it say my Nvidia card specs too? What's the deal!?!?
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  1. the mx420 does not support dx11 its a very old card I doubt it even does dx9.....and the card doesnt support windows 7 you cant find drivers for it for windows 7 from nvidia
  2. That is a vary old card(Based on the Geforce2 core in fact.), you are most likely running MS drivers for it.

    For day to day use it should be good.

    Gaming is out, but that card did not even have modern pixel sharers and all that other stuff.

    Nvidia never released actually drivers for that card under Windows 7. The last driver was in 2006 for XP.

    Sorry to say, I think you are out of luck.
  3. Oh well this is not good lol, I'll just have to use the Onboard video for now until I can find another video card.
  4. whats the onboard video? chances are that is older too and may not be supported....you may be able to find a cheap 6 series agp card on ebay or something and I am pretty sure they have windows 7 support but still no dx11 or dx10
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