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Hey Tom's community,

When I bring my computer out of sleep mode it had some weird spikes with the gpu according to msi afterburner, going from 100% usage back down to 0% multiple times and heating up very quickly only to cool down later. Is this normal or something I should worry about it?
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  1. What temperature is it reaching? It's probably just waking up, but shouldn't cross 55°C while doing it.
  2. It never got above 55C, I guess I just never noticed it before. Is it also true that a bad PSU runs hot though? I had a PSU go bad on me last month and I noticed that all my temperatures are on average 15C cooler since putting the new one in, and I figure that dust cleanup and cord control alone won't cause 15C.
  3. Yes. Weak power supply can easily rise temperatures by a lot. If it never got above 55°C, you're pretty safe. Just make sure it doesn't go over 80°C when you're gaming :).
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