HDD partition pains

Okay, here is the problem, If U can help me without telling me to delete all the partitions & start again, thanx...

Old system was a LX DMA33, only supported up to 30GB so I set my nice IBM 40GB HHD jumpers so that it only was 30GB & then I created partition C thru to G (D,E,F&G all logical) no worries, worked fine... then I built a new system which supports bigger HDDs and I want to get access to the full 40GB, so I changed the jumpers to uncastrate the HDD but I still cant use the 10GB extra because the partition table doesnt know it is there... I think that I will have to remove D,E,F&G & create a new partition table in order to get my full capacity... I have 1-=15 Gig on this HDD & it will B a pain to backup to CD never mind time consuming... what other options do I have, that is the question... HELP

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  1. Use Partition Magic. V6 is cool. I believe Toejam31 has a link to V7. Maybe he will pass through.

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  2. <A HREF="http://forumz.tomshardware.com/hardware/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&p=27315#27315" target="_new">Found it!</A>

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  3. Does anybody knows if PQ Partition Magic 7 supports the WD1000BB-SE? Because I have to choose between it and the 80GB Maxtor D740X (Fluid Bearing if it's available at an affordable price). Everybody please feel free to help me decide to choose! Thanks a lot guys!

    I'm currently using (1)40GB 60GXP. I'm planning to get either the Maxtor or WD to run as the master and the IBM as slave.

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  4. Well my personal prefrence would be to go with the Maxtor. No matter the model or series, that is what I would go for.

    I have never been a fan of Western Digital drives after I had to replace One drive multiple times in one year. I think that's all in the head. All the drives are basically made the same, but it's like car manufactures, they have lemons to. Just so happens IBM had a whole series of 'em.

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