I need help from experts about Wireless/Repeating Access points.

First off, I have a complete beginner when it comes to networking. So there can be terms and key concepts that I may not seem to understand. I would appreciate it if experts can answer my question:

1) I have an appliance that I need connected to the internet however it only accepts an ethernet cable(cat5 is the name I think). However, my modem and wireless router is another room, and I do not want to extend a cable from one room to another. I was wondering if I can do this:

Get a Wireless Access Point(not a router). I noticed that there are ethernet ports behind the WAP. Can I configure the WAP so that it receives internet connection from my original router, and then when the WAP has internet connection, can I just plug a ethernet cable from the WAP to any appliance that I want to go online with. If I am confusing anyone, I will try to make it easier:

Modem---(WIRED CONNNECTION)---Router...........(Wireless Connection)......WAP----(Wired Connection)----APPLIANCE

Can I do that? I read somewhere that you can only connect to the WAP wirelessly, and not through ethernet. And if I can, is it easy to set up for a noobie like me?

2) If this sort of configuration is possible, can the router and WAP be different brands? For example, can my router be Linksys and my Wireless Access Point be D Link?
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