Video card upgrade on a micrATX gaming rig

My microATX gaming rig needs a cooler running GPU setup! Overheats have always been the limitation of what my system can do. I'm thinking of ditching the crossfire but my PCIe 2.0x16 slots run at x8 even with a single card.(DFI LP JR P45 T2RS mobo)

Can I run GTX 660 TI in a PCIe 2.0x16@x8 slot with minimal loss?

What are the coolest running gaming gpus right now? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. The best way to avoid overheating issues is buying a bigger case for your system. You would also need it to fit any good GPU out there.

    Zotac's GTX 660ti is pretty good.
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    Can check temps on a recent review here.,3297-23.html

    IF you are looking at the 660 ti i would suggest Either go for 7870 which is ~$80 less and pretty close to 660 it average performance. Or for the same price as the 660 ti get the 7950...

    Now if they are going to fit is another matter =)
  3. my rig specs:

    Motherboard:: DFI LP JR P45 T2RS
    Memory::G.SKILL F2-8500CL5D-4GBPK
    Graphics Card::radeon 2x 4850 in crossfire
    Cooling::Noctua NH-C12P
    Case::Supertalent ST161B Micro-ATX Tower, Black
    Power Supply::Corsair TX850
    Hard Drive::system:2x 150g velociraptor RAID0,
    Sound Card::integrated
    Operating System: 7 Ultimate
    Mouse:Logitech wireless

    The GPUs are ASUS and they vent inside the case.. also they are right on top of each other on the mobo... I knew soon after I bought them that crossfire was not worth the squeeze but I gotta try every new thing on the market... I'm not happy with ATI in general.. I just got borderlands 2 and can't force v-sync even with radeon pro. I'm hearing nvidia/Phys-x is what's up for that game at least...

    My mobo is designed for crossfire and has 2 PCIe 2.0 x16 slots but even with one card will only do x16 @ x8... can't seem to find any better mobos though. I need socket 775 with raid and PCIe2.0 if anyone knows a source. Hate to move on from this rig as the cpu retailed for about $1000 US.

    Thanks for all the ideas.. I read the "Best video cards sept. 2012" article here and 7870 is soundin pretty good..... now to find the coolest running model on the above mentioned list.... Tom

    PS.. I modded my case to accept extra fans and I think with a single card that vents outside the will be fine. The coiled fan wires on the right are for 3 stealth fans that blow right on the cards(attached to case cover panel)This is a lan party rig...

  4. In the short term you can look into adding an extra fan to either blow air into the two cards or to draw air away from them. That is what I am about to do with my recent m-atx build.
  5. @ surgeking
    Thanks for the link.. was useful but I'd really like to see a chart showing which brand/model 7870 runs the coolest.. had the best cooling solution. I'm thinking maybe the xfx version with 2 fans? do they really vent outside the case?
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